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Bonita Kale. Hi! Let me help edit your manuscript.

Summer Hiatus:

I overused my wrist, and have to limit computer time for a while. Hope to be back in the Fall.

Hi! I'm Bonita Kale, and I can help you proofread, edit, and polish your manuscript, whether it be a novel, a nonfiction book, or a short article. If you're in a rush, here's the


button. Otherwise, how about some background on line editing?

What is line editing, and how can it help my manuscript?

Line editing is a tool, like a wrench. A line editor is a manuscript plumber. I use the line editing tool to help your manuscript in these areas:

Why should I pay for a line editing service?

Ideally, you won't pay for long. Line editing is a one-on-one educational tool. When you see the changes I make in your manuscript, and my reasons, and re-read your work with changes in place, you are training your mental ear. When you're proofreading your own manuscripts later, you'll catch problems you don't notice now.

What line editing is not

Manuscript line editing is not a salability assessment. I can proofread, copy edit, rephrase--but I won't tell you whether your manuscript will sell, because my crystal ball's in the shop.


I specialize in genre novels, specifically mysteries, science fiction, and fantasy, for adults and children. Those are the kinds of writing my ear is especially tuned to, and I do a better job with them than with other types of fiction. I also edit nonfiction of a general nature, but I don't do technical, scientific, musical, or business administration jargon. And I'm an American, so I don't entirely trust my ear for non-U.S. diction.

Rates and Payment

(There's a page for this shown on the menu, but I like to have it on the home page as well.) I charge by the page. What's a page? A standard manuscript page is 250 words (for poetry, about 20 lines).

If you print out your document in standard US format to send to a publisher, you'll have letter-size paper with one-inch margins, and your lines will be double-spaced. That means every line will have an extra, blank, line after it. (You don't do it yourself; you set your word processor to do it.) When you print a document that way, an average page is 250 words.

So, when I get your manuscript, I do a word count, and divide by 250. That's the number of pages.

A 2,000-word document is 8 pages, and costs $40.00 to edit. A 10,000 word document is 40 pages, and costs $120.00.

I take checks, money orders, and PayPal. Don't worry about the time it takes to mail a check; just let me know you mailed it. I don't wait for it to arrive to start working.

How does it work?

You e-mail the piece. I e-mail it back, with suggested changes, comments, and notes. (If you want me to print it out and snail-mail it back to you, I can do that, but it costs a lot more.)

Before you invest your hard-earned money, be sure to try a


It's important to me not to sell you Brie when you wanted Camembert, so I really want you to find out if you like what I do before you pay for it. You might even learn something!


Or a manuscript you're thinking of sending? E-mail


I'll be happy to hear from you.

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